April 12, 2024

Security Awareness in small businesses

Small businesses attractive targets of cyber attacks

According to an article in Forbes, employees of small businesses with fewer than 100 employees will experience 350% more social engineering attacks than employees of larger enterprises. Any organization processing data—employee data, customer data, intellectual property (IP), or other sensitive information—is a potential target for hackers.

A cyber criminal

Use your resources wisely

Regardless of your business size, we all have to comply with new regulations and requirements, many of which include security awareness training for employees. While the need for education and training is crucial in any organization, many small businesses lack the resources to successfully implement a security awareness training program.

Get started in under 30 minutes

To successfully implement a security awareness training program, there are many aspects to consider. The training must be relevant, up-to-date, and a continuous program. This is why Nimblr offers an out-of-the-box Security Awareness Program that takes less than 30 minutes to setup and requires ultra-low maintenance. The concept is developed to automatically adapt the training program to each individual based on a one-time setting combined with the processing of the user's previous behavior.

Try out Nimblr for free

We invite you to try out Nimblr for free, whether your organization has 5 or 50,000 users. The program includes online micro-courses automatically adapted to your organization, auto-generated simulated phishing attacks, instant learning for users triggering simulations, and a neat reporting system to verify the outcome of the training.

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