Micro Training

Interactive Security Awareness training modules

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Nimblr’s interactive Security Awareness training modules cover everything from Ransomware to Safe Browsing.

Nimblr’s Micro Training is automatically adapted to the customer’s own environment. The training modules are based on the micro-learning concept and are always concise and relevant.

In practice, Nimblr’s Micro Training means that a user rarely needs to set aside more than 5 minutes for an individual learning element. Each interaction with the user is based on previous training activities and the user’s response to simulated attacks. Each participant is thus offered an individual training plan that delivers relevant content at the right time.

Unique customisation without any hands-on activity

The training modules are automatically customised for each unique activity based on the information the administrator enters about the organisation’s IT environment during the initial configuration of Nimblr Security Awareness. Exercises and images are designed so that the user sees his or her e-mail address, for example, in illustrated examples during the micro-training. In this way, the content becomes more relevant and credible for each unique user.

Advanced teaching in easily digestible packaging

The training material is carefully developed by IT security experts in collaboration with educators and behavioural scientists and is completely focused on behavioural change. All content in Nimblr is divided into three overall categories:

Fraud – Phishing, BEC, Spoofing, Social Engineering etc.

Malware – Ransomware, Trojans, Script & Macros etc.

Behaviour – Physical security, password management, management of mobile devices, etc.

Each category contains several different Micro Trainings that are prioritised individually depending on previously completed courses and historical responses to different types of simulations. Nimblr’s Micro Training is continually updated with new content and is linked to current simulated attacks daily taken from real examples. All without any hands-on activity from the customer.

Appropriate portions of supplementary training

The participants receive an email invitation to Micro Training every month by default, though the frequency can be adjusted at organisational level. A user who clicked on a link in a simulated attack receives customised Instant Learning followed by an invitation to immediately begin Micro Training linked to the successful simulated attack.

Easy access from any device

You can do Nimblr’s Micro Training directly on your phone or in your computer’s browser. No log-in details are required from the user. Instead, each user is identified by the unique link in the email invitation. All content is available in several languages and Nimblr remembers the language selected by the user so that all future communication and courses are automatically in the selected language.

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