Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your questions about Nimblr and Security Awareness

How much does it cost?
The price is based on the number of users and is paid monthly or for the entire agreement period in advance. Contact us for a quote.

How many courses does Nimblr Security Awareness contain?
The content of the service is continuously expanded and updated. In addition to basic Micro Training on e.g. Physical IT security, Malware and Surfing safely, Zero-Day-Classes on current threats and fraud are regularly added.

How do I activate the Security Awareness programme?
Nimblr Security Awareness is easy to activate.Upload your users’ names and email addresses or sync to Azure and click on start! Information on your business and contact persons is entered in the Nimblr portal to optimise training and simulations.

Can I create my own training courses?
Nimblr automatically adapts the content to your business, but also offers the ability, along with Nimblr, to create your own business-specific courses and simulations that are distributed in the Nimblr platform.

How do I prevent the simulations from getting caught in the spam filter?
Whitelist Nimblr's IP addresses to prevent simulated attacks from getting caught in your spam filter. Nimblr offers ready-made guides for most email systems and spam filters.

What happens when my user has completed all courses?
As new threats emerge on a daily basis, Nimblr constantly updates and produces new content to keep users alert. In addition to the standard course material and Zero-day courses, Nimblr also offers Booster Courses; short knowledge enhancement modules based on the concept of spaced repetition, where study material is broken down into smaller components and repeated at increasing intervals. The purpose of the booster courses is to improve learning, long-term retention, generalization, and recall of key IT security concepts, and to promote security awareness in thought and action.

Can Nimblr be connected to my existing user database?
Yes, to fully automate user management, support for user synchronisation with Microsoft Active Directory and Google Directory is included.

Which languages are supported?
Nimblr is currently supporting the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Spanish - Latin America, German, Portuguese, Portuguese - Brazilian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Ukranian, Czech & Arabic.

When the need arises we are happy to add new languages.

Nimblr automatically remembers each user's language choice so that all subsequent communication and training is offered in the chosen language.

Can I test the solution before purchasing?
Yes, you can test the solution for 14 days with an increased frequency of training sessions to get a good overall picture. We also offer a free demo where you can ask questions to one of our experts.

Is Nimblr an e-learning platform?
Nimblr's online Micro Training is somewhat similar to e-learning, and many of our developers have a long history in e-learning. The main difference from traditional e-learning is our intelligent engine that connects user behaviour with a dynamic training program that is constantly updated and adapted to current security threats. This is why we call ourselves an 'IT security company' rather than an 'e-learning company'.

Who are Nimblr's customers?
Everything from small businesses with 4-5 employees, to municipalities and large corporations with tens of thousands of employees are improving their IT security awareness with Nimblr. Contact us for references!

Can I buy Nimblr as an individual?
No, we currently only offer licences to businesses.

Is support included?
Yes, Nimblr's standard licence agreement includes free support. We also collaborate with many skilled partners who can provide ancillary services and consultancy.

What happens if a user doesn’t do their Micro Trainings?
Users who do not complete the Micro Trainings to which they are invited receive a reminder once a week. As an administrator, you can easily produce a report showing the users who are behind.

How is personal data handled by Nimblr?
Nimblr provides data processing agreements to all customers and complies with all applicable data protection regulations (GDPR). Please read our public privacy policy.

Is it allowed to use recognised trademarks and logos in phishing simulations??
The inclusion of recognised brands and logos in simulated phishing attacks serves a new, educational purpose and can be classified as "fair use". Logos and trademarks are used in a different way (not related to marketing) and for a different purpose (educating and raising safety awareness). This use does not undermine the copyright holder or any markets in which the copyright holder has an interest.

Is it okay to log users' clicks on simulations and completed courses?
Yes, it is. The employer's right to monitor employees is primarily governed by labour law. The purpose must be objectively justified and employees must be informed at the latest when the data is collected. Strengthening the organisation's and users' knowledge of IT security is a legitimate motive and users are informed directly in Nimblr's induction course about how the training works, why it is important and what to expect.

Does the training programme have relevant links to regulations such as CIS, NIST?
Yes, Nimblr Security Awareness is based on NIST (SP 800-50) which has been used in the development of concepts and training materials.

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