A clear picture of the current and historical security awareness of your organisation

Awareness Level

Nimblr's unique Awareness Level provides a clear picture of your organisation's current and historical security awareness.

Through an advanced algorithm that weighs the participants' response to simulated attacks, exercises, completed Micro Trainings, etc. both individual and collective Awareness Level is calculated in three areas:

Fraud – Phishing, BEC, Spoofing, Social Engineering etc.

Malware – Ransomware, Trojans, Scripts & Makros etc.

Behaviour – Physical Security, Password Management, Mobile Device Management etc.

Nimblr's customer portal also provides full insight into all training moments, updates and news for your organisation. There is also an Event Log that details all events in your Security Awareness programme, such as when simulated attacks are sent out and when users click on links in them, when invitations to Micro Trainings or Zero Day Classes are sent out.

The Dashboard of Nimblr's admin system gives you a clear picture of your organisation's status.

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