Zero-Day Classes

Current training courses that face new threats

Up-to-date simulations and trainings based on current threats

New threats and attacks are spreading rapidly on the Internet. What was current yesterday is old today. That's why Nimblr Security Awareness is continuously updated with new Zero-Day trainings and associated simulations based on real-life attacks and threats.

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Nimblr Zero-Day Classes automatically prioritise the most acute gaps in the user’s knowledge to always provide the right information at the right time. Through a network of sensors, honeypots and human resources, Nimblr monitors current threats and trends so that new simulations and Micro Training on the latest threats are always available.

Nimblr Zero-Day Classes are usually short courses that take only a few minutes to complete. They often include real-life examples to create a recognition factor around the threats and attacks that are widely spread or particularly relevant to users during the current period. Often, Nimblr Zero-Day Classes are followed by related simulated attacks that, via Instant Learning, directly offer users who are tricked into starting a Zero-Day Class.

New and important Zero-Day Classes are prioritised ahead of planned Micro Trainings and an invitation is automatically sent out to the users to whom it is relevant. Warnings of fake electronic Christmas cards are meaningless on Midsummer’s Eve, which is why Zero-Day Classes are temporary and disappear from Nimblr’s range when the threats or attacks they deal with are no longer current.

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