Security Awareness

More than half of all IT incidents are caused by the human factor.

security awareness

The users are your business’ biggest attack surface

Many of us at Nimblr have previously worked on technical IT security solutions, firewalls and antivirus systems. We know that the users are the last line of defence and by equipping them with relevant training, the resistance to attacks can be strengthened far more than through the introduction of yet another advanced antivirus system. More than half of all IT incidents are caused by the human factor.

An increasing number of high-profile data breaches have raised concerns and led many organisations to strengthen their technical security solutions and their policies in order to secure sensitive information. Policies and technology form a critical part of all information security programmes, but these measures won’t get very far without an awareness of risks and threats. The users are by far the largest attack surface and their behaviour is an important aspect of the overall security situation. Protecting an organisation starts by ensuring that the employees take their share of the responsibility and help the organisation to keep computers and networks secure.

“Security Awareness” is an organisation’s knowledge of and attitude towards protecting both physical and digital assets. Many organisations now impose requirements whereby all employees must undergo regular training to heighten their security awareness.

The Security Awareness market has grown rapidly in recent years and is characterised by a varied range that includes SaaS applications, local software and content developed for third-party LMS (Learning Management Systems). These systems are often combined or integrated with tools to simulate phishing attacks and measure the users’ responses.

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