Intelligent training and simulation that strengthens the organisation’s security awareness

Training – one of the most important components of your organisation’s IT security work

Most security experts and analysts agree that training users is one of the most important components of an organisation’s IT security work.

With rapid technological development and constantly changing IT threats, up to now it has been both difficult and time-consuming to carry out effective security training for end users. Nimblr gives your organisation the right knowledge to the right individual at the right time.

Micro Training and simulations in synergy

Nimblr combines interactive training on IT security with simulated attacks, practical exercises and current content on the latest threats in a continuous training programme.Through simple configuration, the system is loaded with customer-specific data that automatically adapts training materials and simulations to each organisation’s specific environment.

Intelligent training platform

Nimblr Security Awareness is an online-based training platform designed to heighten end-users’ security awareness and minimise the risk of completed attacks. The training programme is based on a comprehensive learning model and is continuously updated with intelligent technology, smart illustrations, expertise in IT security and modern teaching methods.

It reduces the number of clicks on malicious content by more than 80%

The participants’ responses to simulations and results achieved are continually analysed in order to provide each user with an interesting and relevant training programme. The organisation’s results and progress are clearly displayed in Nimblr’s intuitive customer portal where authorised administrators can monitor progress and activities. On average, users click on 18% of the links in malicious email. After just 3 months with Nimblr Security Awareness, the click rate has fallen to under 2%. Concrete, measurable results with Nimblr’s unique Awareness Level.

Nimblr’s concept

Managed Service

With Nimblr Security Awareness, we offer a managed service that includes a specialist IT security team that is completely focused on identifying new IT threats and attacks. Along with our educators, designers and developers, we continually provide your users with the right motivation and knowledge to minimise the risks of IT incidents.


For us at Nimblr, relevant is a catchword that runs throughout our systems. In order to reach an end user, all communication needs to be relevant. No empty phrases, no unnecessary knowledge, just the right training to the right user at the right time. Each user is unique and therefore Nimblr Security Awareness is automatically adapted to each individual participant based on his or her historical response to simulations and completed micro-training sessions.

Experts in each field

Nimblr’s educational strategy is developed by psychologists and behavioural scientists who, along with our IT security experts, have boiled down a large amount of information, attacks and examples into a simple, easily accessible Security Awareness programme that is distributed to users on a continuous basis.


Nimblr Security Awareness is fully cloud-based and is activated quickly and easily in most organisations. It is our job to ensure that the contents of the service are relevant and constantly updated to enable us to find the best way of helping you change your users’ behaviour. Our Security Awareness programme works wherever the user happens to be at any time, whether on a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet.

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