May 24, 2021

Easier to simulate phishing in Office 365

Easier simulation of phishing in Office 365 with Nimblr

It will soon be easier and more secure to allow Phishing tests from Nimblr in the Office 365 environment. Microsoft has listened to their customers and will during June/July implement a new and better method to allow phishing simulations from Nimblr and other third party providers.

Offers greater predictability

This new approach to handling phishing simulations from third-party vendors and security operations mailboxes is simpler and offers greater predictability for security teams. What makes this feature most significant is that it makes it easier for security and email administrators to be sure that their ETR rules do not affect the protection of users, and frees them from having to manually inspect all their ETR rules to ensure security.

The new functionality has Roadmap ID 72207 and is described in Microsofts dokumentation.

Nimblr will offer a guide for the new configuration as soon as Microsoft rolls out the feature. The rollout is planned for June-July 2021.

Find out more about Nimblr's Phishing simulations here!

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