September 15, 2021

Security Awareness for Google Workspace

Easy integration with Nimblr in Google Workspace

In addition to Azure integration, organizations using Google Workspace can now easily integrate with Nimblr's online training platform designed to increase end-user security awareness and minimize the risk of successful attacks. Nimblr combines interactive IT security training with simulated attacks, hands-on exercises and fresh content on the latest threats in a continuous education program. Read more about Nimblr Security Awareness here.

An automated Security Awareness program

With Nimblr's new Google Cloud Directory Integration, organizations can synchronize users in Google Cloud Directory with the Nimblr service, providing a fully automated Security Awareness Program. New Google Directory users are automatically activated and introduced to the training program, while deactivated users are automatically removed.

Consider Nimblr

Last quarter, Google Cloud reported a 46% year-over-year increase for its cloud services including Google Workspace. Organizations that use Google for user management and cloud-based directory services and are looking for a fully automated Security Awareness Program should definitely consider Nimblr.

Making the internet safer