January 16, 2023

Looking back and new Nimblr times

Nimblr welcomes 2023

2023; a new year, a new number to get used to and to replace an old number with. Four numbers that evoke expectations, hopes and fears. What is and what might be? The end of the year is usually a time for taking stock and setting new goals, reflecting on what will change and what we hope will continue; prospects and insights. Nimblr welcomes 2023 with a look back at the past year.

Awareness of security awareness

More and more people are realizing the importance of security awareness. In the digital world, threats are not only technical errors and human mistakes, but also deliberate malicious acts. Russia's war of invasion in Ukraine has highlighted that cybercrime is not only carried out by energy-drinking teenagers in dark basements, but also under the auspices of the state, with more than just money at stake. In an increasingly digitalized world, the secure handling, storage and transmission of data is therefore a key concern not only for individuals and organizations, but also for nations and confederations. This increased focus has been felt in many ways - and at many levels - over the past year, well exemplified by the tightening of EU:s NIS-direktiv.

More customers, more markets.

As security awareness becomes an international concern, the need for security services to be provided with user-friendly and up-to-date content increases. In 2022, Nimblr has seen an increase in the number of customers and users of 202 and 288 percent respectively. Our turnover has tripled, and our security solutions are now available in 23 languages. During the year, we also opened an office in Lisbon and entered the Portuguese, French and Spanish markets. However, the weight of these figures is secondary to the quality of the services delivered. Nimblr recognizes and believes that an increased focus on security awareness should lead to increased scrutiny of the services and training tools available. We welcome such developments and look forward to further refining our security solutions in collaboration with our customers and in line with current and future evidence-based research.

Cultural broadmindedness

Security awareness is a global concern, thus solutions to enhance said awareness should be imbued with cross-cultural viability. As the Nimblr user community has grown and become more nationally diverse, the need to reflect this development internally has increased. Nimblr's workforce has more than doubled in 2022, and we are currently a group of Swedes, Danes, French, Portuguese, Brazilians, Ukrainians and Argentines. As with all major changes, this growth has brought new misunderstandings and areas of conflict in the short term, but in the longer term has led to new learning and development, both personally and organizationally. As a player in a global market, in a modern world, and in the face of a global security threat, we believe that a pluralistic and open-minded organizational culture is a great, almost indispensable, asset. In 2023, we aim to continue developing in this direction, learning from each other and becoming even better. together.

Andreas Berglund, CEO, Nimblr

Making the internet safer